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United in Light, Inc. is located in Livingston, MT.

All of the horses have been rescued from slaughter. United In Light, Inc. rescues mature draft breeds that are not as adoptable due to their age, injuries and lack of training. We consider ourselves to be a retirement home for these worn out bodies, a place to receive healing and to be joined with other horses of their kind to live out the rest of their lives to lay down and rest, free to jump, run and play, free to eat healthy food and drink lots of clean water. Free to make their own decisions about wanting to trust us again….and they always do, thanks to you.

When we first unite new horses together, we've been witnessing a ritual of welcome. The other horses run to the newcomer and touch crown to crown with each other in a long moment as if to say, “Welcome old friend, we have been waiting for you”. Then the fun starts as they run around at the realization of their freedom. Shouldn’t we all greet others that way?

We also have programs that allow all people to come and participate in healing workshops facilitated by the horses and Deborah Derr, D.C.

It is quite a sight to have an elderly woman smiling and brushing every horse here, then to look at her family as they were all in tears. It was the first time in ten years that they had seen her with a smile on her face.

That is what United In Light Inc. is all about.

About The Horses 

All Gentle Giants listed are in order of time Rescued. We have 7-10 Giants residing at the Sanctuary at a time.

Molly Belle

Molly was rescued by The Animali Farm from going to slaughter. She was a PMU mare from a PMU farm in Alberta, Canada who lost their contract with the manufacture of Premarin. She arrived here at UIL in November of 2007.

Molly came to us pregnant! She had her foal, "Promise"  in May of ’08. Due to health issues Promise crossed over in 2014 at the age of 5.

She is a 27 year old Belgian mare.


 Lucky arrived at the UIL ranch Nov. 30th, 2012. Lucky was found with 200-300 starving horses on a ranch in Idaho. We were told he was born July 2010. He, His mother and other horses escaped tring to find food and had the unfortunate event of being hit by a drunk driver (his mother did not survive), which left him with injuries including a broked leg, that would not allow him to drive or be saddled. When we heard of his situation we decided he would be a great companion for Promise. They are great brothers now and Lucky is healing greatly. Due to starvation of his first 2 years of life, we are not sure how much his growth was impacted...time will tell.

Lucky has adopted Molly Belle as his Momma. He has also found love in Ashley .

4 year old Belgian gelding  


SunDance (previousely named Big) was found in a feedlot in NV with Squire. Several supporters stepped in prior to these boys going on a meat truck headed to slaughter and pulled them out so they can reside here at United In Light. SunDance arrived at the UIL ranch July of 2014 at the age of 14.

14 year old Belgian gelding

19 hands high


Squire (previously named Rob) was found in a feedlot in NV with SunDance. Several supporters stepped in prior to these boys going on a meat truck headed to slaughter and pulled them out so they can reside here at United In Light. Squire arrived at the UIL ranch July of 2014 at the age of 10.

10 year old Belgian gelding

18 hands high


Ashley pictured here with Sundance, is our first and only nondraft! Ashely was also at the NV feedlot and just minutes to being led on the meat truck to slaughter the UIL board members said take her! She has been a great blessing here at the ranch. Very sweet disposition and all the Giants love her. She has also been instrumental in the educational program as a comparision between draft breeds and non draft breeds. Ashley & Lucky have become very fond of eachother. She arrived at the UIL ranch in July of 2015 at 3 years old.


Ashely is a 3 year old Quarter horse mare


Malcolm came to us via concered workers of a MT Ranch when he was not able to perform work anymore. They contacted UIL so that he could continue his life rather than be send to slaughter. Malcolm is another sweet giant who loves attention from humans. He also LOVES hanging out with the elders. Jake and Malcolm have become inseparable! Malcolm arrived at the UIL ranch in August of 2015 at 14 years old.

Malcolm is a 14 year old Clydesdale/Cross gelding


Furrow was found nearly starved to death as a wonderful individual came to his rescue and contacted UIL. We made arrangements with the owner in St. Ignatious MT. We found after his arrival that he was a registered Suffolk Punch and had at least four owners prior to UIL. He was nothing but skin and bones when he arrived yet now he is building muscle and putting on weight. He LOVES roaming the hillside by himself. He came to us at 25 years old in April 2015.

He is a 25 year old gelding Suffolk Punch.


Kate arrived at UIL as a 20 yo Belgian mare in April 2015. She is 17+ hands and has lameness due to severed XYZ ligament.
Hateful Kate was rescued from New Holland in 2006 by Gentle Giants Draft Rescue.

Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue contacted UIL to see if we had room available for him so they could rescue more horses.

She is a 20 year old Belgian Mare.


Bentley arrived in April 2005 at the age of 20 yo. He is 17+ hands & Lame due to ringbone.  Bentley was rescued from New Holland in 2012 by Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue in MA.

Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue contacted UIL to see if we had room available for him so they could rescue more horses.

He is a 20 yo Belgian.


Came to UIL in April 2015. She has Lameness due to suspensory desmoiditis.
Aribella was legally removed from her home (along with 7 other draft horses, 3 of which had to be humanely euthanized due to their level of neglect) in 2014 by the Humane Society of the Harrisburg Area, and placed in Gentle Giants care.

Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue contacted UIL to see if we had room available for him so they could rescue more horses.

She is a 12 .yo Percheron mare


Wonder was orginally rescued from going to slaughter from a PMU Ranch in Canada at the age of 11 months! Then due to troubled times the owners contacted UIL. Wonder arrived at UIL in May 2015 at 7 years old.

She is a 7 year old Percheron PMU Mare.

Maria, Sadie, Madison

Over the years we have also rescued 7 dogs and 1 cat & finding wonderful homes for most of them. Maria, Sadie, Madison pictured here have remained with us at 12, 13 and 11 years old (as of 2016).

All of these ladies were rescued in AZ. Maria and Madison because they are pit crosses and AZ was a no tolerance to Pit breeds. Sadie and her mom had parvo as a newborn and was disowned due to cost of treatment.

United In Light is fortunate to have these wonderful ladies as a part of the ranch life.

Madison and October

October UIL's only cat was rescued on a very cold raining October day. (Oct. 18th 2010) Dr. Deb had a truck load of 4H young ladies and as they were driving an animal crossed the highway and collapsed. When they stopped to check it out, there laid this poor cat, skin and bones starved nearly to death, with her nails so long they curled into her pads, she was cold and wet crying out. Dr. Deb took her back to the sanctuary if even just to comfort her until she crossed over and they named her October. She was kept warm by a fireplace and fed until each day she grew stronger and stronger. 

"Rainbow Bridge"

Listed below are all those that have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. They are listed in the order or when they arrived at UIL Sanctuary. A large part of United In Light, is being able to allow these beautiful teachers to live out the rest of their lives. As they were all rescued from slaughter or an untimely death. Their memories are stil amongst us here, running, playing and sending heart whispers in the Livingston winds. They each have amazing stories and they have each had amazing lesson to those that loved them.

Knight of Dreams

Knight is the Founder of UIL. Rescued from Slaughter in Central CA. He was found standing in a forgotten stall with rotten carrots and manure. Knight was a supposed Champion Cart puller from the East Coast. He had a very sore back and poor feet. Through the care of Chiropractic and other alternative therapies offered here at the ranch, he remains in great health and a sight to see! He was the first to be rescued and the reason why UIL exists today!

35 year old Percheron, gelding 

Update: Knight of Dreams Crossed over July 2013

Santana Winds

Santana was with us for his last 3 years of life. Found in a feedlot outside of Cave Creek, AZ on 5-28-04.

Santana’s history was unknown. The owner of the feedlot said he was on his deathbed. Santana had many problems and we were not sure that he was going to make it the first week here. Yet he turned around and healed amazingly, as well as being the best of buddies with Knight. He crossed over in AZ, December of 2006.

He was a love, as we were blessed to have his presence with us those last years. Santana Winds chose his name as he was reminded that now he is free as the desert winds.  

30+ year old Belgian, gelding.

Update: We are excited as we are told that Santana has decided to come back as Molly Belle’s foal!


Red Dawn

Red Dawn was found and rescued on 6-28-04, from a feedlot outside of Cave Creek, AZ off to slaughter, together with Tatanka Spirit (below). No one had wanted them, as they were different breeds and did not match.

Red Dawn chose her name from the many red desert colors of Dawn.
She blessed us for her last 2.5 years of life before she crossed over and was mother to all the horses here.

30+ year Suffolk Punch mare. 

Update: Red Dawn Crossed over in 2007

Tatanka Spirit

Tatanka Spirit was found and rescued on 6-28-04, from the same feedlot where Red Dawn (above) was found.

Tatanka came with many trust issues and a terrible eye infection that had threatened the loss of his eye. He has come along way and has the heart
and soul of an old Buffalo.

It took Tatanka many years to recover from his distrust of humans. Here at the ranch he is able to deside if he chooses to be loved with hands on or from a distance.

35+ year Belgian gelding.

Update Tatanka Spirit crossed over peacefully 1-4-2015. He was the last survivor of the original five that were the first horses to be rescued by UIL.


Moonshadow was found in a Standing room only stall within a Barn, where he'd been for over a decade. With no sunlight, animal or human contact. He was found in NY by his rescuers Jill & Steve S. who took him home and called UIL for help. He arrived on 11-14-04.

It took 2 years of training, as Moonshadow was so fearful of everything around him. He would even attack the other horses. One month prior to our relocation to MT, he was ready for the herd and has been a different horse. We owe much of that to Red Dawn, as it was the love they shared together that helped Moonshadow to be open to love again.

When asked, he chose Moonshadow for his name as he arrived on a full moon and liked the way the light cast his shadow on the ground. True Freedom for Moonshadow!

Update: Moonshadow crossed over November 28th, 2014. He was 33 year old Belgian gelding.  1981-2014


Little Willow came from a wonderful owner from TN in May ‘07 at 7 years old. She was very lame with Laminitis in all four hooves and other injuries. The owner chose UIL to retire Willow to live happily with other Draft horses. It was a great surprise as soon as Willow arrived she was jumping and running!

She enjoys most of her time palying with Promise, the youngest of our rescues as well as being a great spokeslady for our retirees!

She is a 15 year old Percheron.


UPDATE: 2-11-15  Willow crossed over this morning on her own. Her beauty, kindness and grace will be missed.

Prince of Dreams

Prince arrived at the ranch in March '08. His prior life was located on a Farm in Utah that was open to the public. He spent his life pulling a wagon around the farm for visitors. One day he just stopped and would not pull anymore, he was done. The owner of the facility said “He is costing me money, so either find him a home or send him to slaughter.” He now resides here with us and has been a wonderful addition to the family. We must note… when Dr. Deb asked what was his name they replied “Prince of Dreams” Dr. Deb nearly fell over as the first horse rescued here has the name of “Knight of Dreams”. There are no coincidences in life!

28+ year old gelding, Percheron

Update: Prince of Dreams Crossed over January 2011 with a very peaceful transition. 

Pumpkin and Jackson Hole

Formerly known as Double D and Jacob, these lucky boys were found by Gentle Giants draft horse rescue in MD, where they lived for a month or two after their rescue from slaughter from the New Holland, PA auction.

Gentle Giants had taken care of their many injuries to their feet and the horses had extensive rehab. When UIL had space available for more horses, Gentle Giants thought it would be best for the boys to retire here, living the leisure life with lots of love.

Although it took one week for their travel from MD to MT (10-17-07) due to their old tired bodies and injuries, we are happy to say that they have healed tremendously and are great loves, now enjoying playtime, rearing up and bucking!

Update:  Jackson Hole (20+ year old Belgian) was a dear old soul and remained with us for a number of years before his physical body could no longer carry the large spirit he had. 

Pumpkin is amazing as he has lived through some amazing injuries, which have become more prevalant through the years. "He is the strongest draft horse I have seen!" Dr. Deb 

Pumkin is a 25+ year old Belgian

Update: Pumkin crossed over in October 2011. His last days were laying in the pasture and enjoying life.


Promise is the only Draft horse (so far) that has been born on the United In Light property. Molly Belle came to the ranch in November pregnant. She was on her way to slaughter. It was the intention that her foal was to go to slaughter as well. Promise has been an amazing blessing to the other residents here! Born on May 14th, 2008, all of the horses have had their share of helping raise Promise into the amazing boy he has become. We are going to continue to train Promise to pull and ride as he is to take over the job of Mascot. Knight of Dreams is ready to fully retire the job to Promise. Promise is half Belgian and his father was a black Percheron whose early life ended in slaughter. Promise will never know the hardships that the other horses here have had to live through, he only hears the tales they tell him. Molly Belle has been an amazing mother and we are happy to have allowed her to keep one of the many foals she carried.

5 year old gelding. Percheron/Belgian Cross 

UPDATE: Promise crossed over March 2nd, 2014. We never do know how fleeting our time is here, even for the youngest of beings...embrace all those around you today for in a fleeting moment all that is left is the memories stored in your heart and the footprints left in the snow... 

Daisy T

Daisy was found on Craig's List in great need of a home. She came from Grants Pass, Oregon and supposedly in her previous life, was a Stage Coach horse for Wells Fargo in WA state. She came to us in Feb 2010 with "Scratches" on her rear right ankle. After her arrival we uncovered that she has Cushing's Disease and her treatment is ongoing. Her original name was Tia "Thunder Down Under". Shortly after her arrival, we took notice of how sweet, gentle and shy she was. When asked, she preferred to be called Daisy T. 

25+ year old Percheron mare

Update: Daisy was only with us for a little over a year. Although we were able to allow her to transistion by herself, surrounded by her family. March 31, 2011 She was a blessing.


Jake is a Shire Mix Draft Horse and our first rescue from Montana. He joined us in April 2013 at 29 years old. It is wonderful to see he and Willow in love.

Jake is a 31 year old Gelding Shire Mix.

UPDATE: Jake crossed over the morning of March 18th, 2015. His Gentleness will be missed.